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Chapter 17

  • As the light went off in the bathroom and she appeared in the doorway, Tracey snickered at the sight of him stretched out on the bed.
  • "Is that for me?" she asked naughtily as she crawled onto the bed and moved up over him sliding herself wetly down onto his cock and slowly moving up and down. "As good as that machine is, this is what I love the most," she told him softly, bending over to tongue his mouth. "It doesn't kiss, for one thing."
  • She slowly made love to her husband, her body still humming from the new and wonderful anniversary present he'd given her, now standing over in the corner, plugged in and waiting for her next mounting. But, right at this moment, she only wanted him, it was Wes Jameson she loved so much, it was him who made her whole.
  • They fell asleep in each other's arms, deeply, soundly asleep, until the alarm went off. Then, as Wes turned it off, Tracey told him that she'd decided to play hooky from work that day, grinning at him as he got up to begin his new day.
  • "I don't blame you, hon, I hope you have fun, just don't blow a breaker," he told her as he went off to shave and shower and dress for work.
  • After he'd had his cup of coffee and a slice of toast, he came back up to their bedroom and kissed his wife goodbye and went to the office, leaving her to enjoy her day.
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