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Chapter 15

  • Now to get on this thing, she thought as she straddled it, wobbling a bit, reaching down to spread her pussy lips open to slowly, carefully glide onto the machine's cock as it began to fill her up.
  • At first, she just sat there on it, so full as it reached deeply inside her. Then she took a few tentative moves up and down on it which felt quite nice, rather similar to the stick-on dildos she used in the shower or out by the pool.
  • Her hand went down to pick up the control and she stared at the dual speed control. Her fingers turned the vibration up first, slowly increasing it to about a third of the way as waves of wild, hot, sensuous thrills reeled up through her all along the humming probe up inside her and along the dimpled pad she was sitting on. Turning it up to almost halfway had her panting and shivering at the delicious buzzing deep inside her body making her pussy just go crazy. Also vibrating was the base which fit along underneath her.
  • Oh, she had vibrators but nothing, nothing ever like this one. She leaned forward as the instructions had advised and pressed her clit down on the knobby pad with all the little bumps and fingers sending ripples of intense sensations rocketing through her rapt body as she held on to the front of this wonder-demon of a machine.
  • "Oh, oh, omigod, oh, uh, uh," she cried out as her body wracked and shook with an erotic frenzy that exploded all throughout her body. She sat there on it, its length buzzing inside her, panting madly, her heart racing, as she turned down the vibration and began slowly, very slowly, easing up the rotation of the wand deep in her middle. The sensuous rubbing, around and around the walls of her vagina, sent wave after wave of deep, joyous delight up her body and down her legs. She eased the vibrator control to add more to her sensations as she sat on this magical device turning inside her that was so pleasuring her like she'd never imagined.
  • She even felt a bit dizzy as the machine did what flesh and blood couldn't do. Stark-still, not moving at all, she held herself to the machine as its wand slowly rotated and hummed deep inside washing her body with waves of sensuous delights, over and over and over. Tracey added some more vibration to the mix and leaned forward once again, humming that pleasure spot so wondrously. This machine never tired, she thought grinning widely, it would pleasure her for as long as she wanted as she added a little motion herself taking short strokes up and down on it.
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