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Chapter 14

  • She sat there with all kinds of ideas flowing through her mind as they drove home and she went in to go change while he got the heavy box out and into the house. It took him some effort to get it upstairs to their bedroom but he did and by that time she was already changed.
  • "Okay, let's see what it is," she asked and he told her it was a surprise and he would get it out and set it up to show her after supper. So, she went downstairs to get a start on dinner and Wes began opening the box and setting up the machine.
  • He lifted the leatherette-covered stool and the Sybian machine up out of the box and put it near the corner of their bedroom. Out came the instructions and accessories and he sat down to read, looking at each of the four attachments. Three of them had very realistic penis-shaped shafts standing up, each one larger than the last, it was truly a 'cock.' These fit on the machine for a woman to mount and the machine had two speed controls, one for vibration, one for rotation.
  • Wes had first seen this pleasuring machine when he had been traveling about four months earlier. He had come back from supper and was looking at porn on his laptop, slowly stroking his cock, relieving his loneliness, when he watched a video, one called, Julia riding the Sybian, showing a pretty young woman, a strawberry blond, who was trying out the machine for the first time and as he watched her mount the machine, letting herself down, sliding its penis up into her and then someone outside the frame began to adjust the controls, speeding it up, slowing it down, just sending her into a frenzy of sensual bliss. It was twelve and a half minutes of sexual ravishment by this magical masturbation machine. Totally captivating.
  • At the end of the video, she was grinning and shiny with perspiration when asked by the videographer if she knew how many orgasms she'd had. When she said six, Wes knew he wanted one of these for Tracey. He watched Sybian videos the rest of the night, then went on their website to find the details about the machine.
  • He'd ordered it with four attachments, three penis-shafts and a fourth one with a ball on the end that mostly worked the labia and clitoris, and, inside, the G-spot. He looked at all four, knowing that Tracey was in for a time of it after supper when they came back upstairs.
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