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Chapter 13

  • She wasn't worried, particularly, they did know each other quite well and they knew that sex, fun, hot sex, was always high on each other's 'to-do' list. So, it wasn't that Wes might find it shocking that his darling wife would suggest a nude resort in the tropics, no, she was sure he'd be pretty interested. He was a man after all.
  • Wes was away at a conference, an important business meeting where he was giving a paper, a presentation of a new service that they had developed, but he wasn't too busy that he didn't have time to explore the resort link his wife sent him.
  • His email popped into her inbox:
  • "Oh, Tracey, you never cease to amaze me. Do you really mean this place? If you do, I'm all for it. Now how am I supposed to give my talk when my pants will be all poked-out thinking of us going there? Unfair. But nice, oh, did I find the right girl for me.
  • I'll talk to you later after I calm myself down. ;-)
  • Love and kisses wherever you want them, Wes"
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