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Chapter 12

  • After their exciting start as a married couple, life soon came back into control, as it so often does, especially when you are both involved in a growing and active business.
  • The next few years saw the number of employees grow to nearly sixty as they added new services and new customers including a few rather large ones. What had started small had now become a sizable business and one that was quite well-respected in its field.
  • Of course, the firm was now solidly-established with a good reputation, far from being a start-up, and now a stable source of income for its owner. Wes Jameson, after having put everything he had into his company was now a modestly wealthy man. He paid himself a substantial salary but the total assets of the business even outpaced his paycheck by quite a lot as each year passed by.
  • The Jamesons now lived in a five-bedroom home in a gated community with a golf course and club, they had a boat, each a new Mercedes, and a large pool, set in their shady back yard. The week after they moved in Tracey got quotes for building a gazebo out by the pool, one with a railing at just the right height. And not far from that, she had a rectangular sandbox installed and filled with beach sand from the Caribbean.
  • Some things hadn't changed, however. One was sex by and in the pool. And their lovemaking in a different bedroom whenever they felt like it. Sex was something that Wes and Tracey still loved and as busy as Wes might get, Tracey always knew how to get her hubby in bed, after all, she'd been quite the temptress on their honeymoon. It's probably a good idea that she never knew what was on the minds of all those men in the restaurant or bar that week she was entertaining them. Even she might have been rather shocked; perhaps not.
  • So, Tracey did continue to work her charms on Wes, keeping him interested, keeping him aroused.
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