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Chapter 11

  • Their week was glorious, their sex never better; their sex on the beach in the morning and afternoon became regular, tough never routine, Tracey just loving it when she knew they were being watched. She was finding a whole new side to her that must have been there all along but it was one that she'd never let come out and play. But now, she was at ease in her nakedness on that private beach, even at their most intimate.
  • The gazebo after supper also became the place they stopped before going to the bar or up to their room. It was Wednesday evening when she knew for certain they were being seen, watched as he slowly fucked her from behind, by a group of people, six or eight, she thought, and she loved every second of it, even being a bit louder than previous evenings when her body rewarded her so beautifully with a blinding orgasm. Then, after, now feeling so sexy and hot when they went into the bar, knowing her panties were in Wes's pocket, that she enjoyed some discreet but certainly explicit public exposure of newly-filled pussy she's always reserved for Wes. But she was so aroused by it all that she wanted it to be seen and desired.
  • Tracey was hardly the first girl or woman to expose herself for the pure thrill of it and, as many women have learned, the edginess grows as one does it more often and the exposure of their breasts and pussy becomes a favored sexual act all of its own. 
  • Finally, it was Saturday night, they would be flying home the next day, when Tracey decided to just wear stockings, heels and a small, short teddy to the restaurant, leaving the panties in the drawer; she had come a long way since she served Wes and his coworkers that night several years before. She had half a bottle of chilled white wine, a Pino Grigio, before she would go out in the hall to head down for dinner with her grinning husband but she looked spectacular. Her eyes never went right or left, she just strode grandly straight ahead and was seated at a table near the middle of the dining room, the maitre'd positioning her, she thought, to entertain the room full of people. It took everything she had to carry on a normal-seeming conversation as her body felt cool in the room air but her middle felt so, so warm. She had checked in the mirror before leaving their room and, yes, the teddy just barely came low enough to cover her labia. Wes had told her that the lower curve of her butt cheeks did show but it was her last night at the resortand she simply didn't care. She wanted them to look. What she didn't know, however, was that when she walked, the front hem rose slightly giving quite a lovely view of her plump labia, glistening with expectant moisture, a sight that a number in the dining room greatly admired, both male and female.
  • Tracey was one of many women in the dining room who were barely dressed. Many of them, including Tracey, were quite attractive but one, a woman probably in her upper fifties in a see-through top, had obviously had her breasts done surgically to bring them back up to 'specification' as it were. Her best features were her breasts and it was obvious that she was proud of her surgeon's skill. However they did look fake.
  • But Tracey attracted a trove of eyes, male and female, that evening, raising the heart and respiration rates of more than a few in the dining room, including a rather elderly gentleman at a table with two women even younger than Tracey. But he kept looking at her, that made her feel good.
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