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Chapter 10

  • Bare-breasted beneath the blouse made her look 'Hollywood-hot' there was no question about it. With the contrasting black bra, well, it was sexy, for sure, but Tracey looked like a Playmate shoot without the bra. It just made her look world-class sexy and she knew it when she looked at herself reflected in the mirror. She didn't make her decision with her head. No, that was made about two feet lower down where it grew warm and dark and wet.
  • "You know, what the hell, I'm here, nobody knows me and, wow, I sure do look good like this," she told Wes. "Are you prepared to fend off the guys in the restaurant, yourself excluded, of course," she laughed.
  • "I'll defend you to the end, hon, after all, I want to bring you back up here for dessert." She thought that a lovely idea and they soon went down to dinner.
  • Did Tracey feel self-conscious as she walked out of the elevator and went toward the restaurant? Yes and no. After all, less than two hours earlier, she had been up on her hands and knees, crouching naked on a blanket with the surf breaking on the shore less that forty feet away as she accepted her husband's cock into her body while people strolled by. But, odd as it may seem, now having clothes on, she felt even more exposed than earlier. Who knows how the mind works under such circumstances? But, in the elevator, she buttoned the lowest three buttons to let the blouse hang open, her nipples easily seen beneath the sheer fabric.
  • She walked into the restaurant, her eyes straight ahead, following the maitre'd as Wes looked around at all the eyes, mostly male but quite a number of women as well, gazing at his beautiful new wife. He knew his erection must be obvious as he walked behind her but, of course, realized that the eyes weren't on him at all. They sat down, took the menus, and as soon as they were alone, he leaned over, telling her, "You should have seen all the men in here, hon. You were a big hit."
  • She reached under the tablecloth squeezing his cock and said, "Hmm, I seem to be a hit with you, big boy," in her sultriest voice.
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