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Chapter 9 LOVE RUN

  • "Yes, is Miss Stevens your new girlfriend, what's the relationship between you both?" Came the voice of another reporter.
  • "We need to know, why did she help you out and did you truly run her brother over?" A man in a black suit asked. The entire room became so noisy with the paparazzi taking photos and barking questions.
  • "Looking over at Robin, Andrew answered, "No, she's not my girlfriend, but she is indeed a very good friend of mine and is a new member of The Braves and as for running her brother over, it was all an accident and we have reconciled everything. I'll will answer no more questions from anyone, now the app launch will proceed.
  • The entire room fell silent after that and then the opening act which was a drama, telling the story of the new game, LOVE RUN was performed, but Robin's mind was not present there anymore, she kept wondering if Andrew didn't realize that by calling her a friend of his, the paparazzi would only interpret her as his girlfriend and there would be lots of rumours. She was also very happy about joining The Braves and their new game seemed really nice to her.
  • Andrew mounted the podium next to give a summary of what the game was all about.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know, we are all here for the official launch of three new apps, the first being LOVE RUN, a new game created by me. LOVE RUN, tells the story of two lovers, a tourist photographer named Derek from London and a princess named Latifah from a kingdom called The Moba Tribe ( A.N: there's no place like this I just made it up. ^_^) They met after a festival in Latifah's town, where Derek was in attendance and fell in love with each other after dancing together during the festival. Now Derek has to return to London, but not without Latifah, so he asks for her hand in marriage from the King, but he refused and only agrees to hand Latifah to Derek if he is able to get two love plants from the evil forest, where no man has ever returned alive. The aim of this game is for Derek to go into the evil forest and get enough coins to get through levels and then at the final level which is level fifty, he will finally get the love plants. There are several obstacles in the form of monsters and evil creatures, guarding the forest, who have to be defeated in order to get past levels. As Derek ascends in the levels of the game, the difficulty increases. I will now play the game for everyone to see," Andrew said.
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