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Chapter 3

  • "Don't you think that was mean" Nikolai asked as they walked down the hallway leading to the prince room. He was rewarded with a deadly look from Luciano.
  • "Oops sorry" He raises his hands up in mock surrender. "Didn't mean to offend prince Wolfy.....pleeeease.have mercy my prince...don't..kill... meee!!!...I'm sorry...I did not mean to offend the kingdom biggest baby cat!!!" He teased mimicking a helpless voice and laughed loudly clutching his stomach.
  • They reached Luciano's room and the guards opened the door and they both stepped in. The room screamed ROYALTY. It was spacious, a little bit dark and well furnitured with a king sized bed at the left side of the room. A shelf occupied the right end of the room with a table and chair close to it. There was a door at the right side of the room leading to the bathroom. There was also a standing mirror purely made of gold at the right side of the room, besides it, a table filled with all sort of jewellery made of expensive gold stood there. There was at huge door standing at the middle end of the room obviously leading to the balcony.
  • Nikolai stopped teasing him when he saw the angry look on his brother's face not directed to him though.
  • "Is there a problem brother?" Nikolai asked looking confused as hell.
  • "Evander."
  • The door opened and one of the guards stepped in. "Yes my prince."
  • "Get me Helen."
  • "Yes my prince." Evander bowed and left the room.
  • "Is there a problem Luciano?" Nikolai repeated the question again looking like a lost puppy.
  • "Out."Luciano commanded.
  • "Huh? Nikolai said shocked.
  • "Out Nikolai, I want to be alone." Luciano grunted in response with a deep voice.
  • "Okay okay, I'm's not like I want to witness any ugly scene." Nikolai said.
  • Luciano paid him no attention
  • Nikolai walked to the door, held the door knob and with a smirk on his face turned backed and said "Bye big baby cat." and exited the room.
  • Luciano looked at the door with a frustrated look on his face.
  • *Few minutes later*
  • Luciano could be seen behind a desk sitting gracefully, books and scrolls could be seen on the table, a small bottle of ink and feather lying on the desk.
  • Helen, a woman probably in her early fifties standing meters away from the prince with her head bowed.
  • There was an eerie silence in the room making the older woman feel uncomfortable. Finally the silence was broken when the prince leaned forward on the table and said "why is my room so unkempt?"
  • It was the Helen looked up and saw that the room was truly unkempt. The bed was not arranged properly, there were traces of dust on the book shelf. Helen mentally scolded herself for forgetting.
  • "I'm so sorry your highness, it must have skipped my mind to tell you that Sansa had resigned from working in the palace to go help her sick mother."
  • "So what you're trying to tell me is that there are no maids in this palace"
  • "No....!!! high..ness." Helen stammered already shaking. Why was he twisting the whole thing. "It's just that we don't have enough maids in the castle anymore, it's just the slave that are..." She was cut short when the prince yelled with a loud voice "and are this slaves handicapped!" He asked his eyes raging in fury. "No... no..your highness...not all all..." Helen answered very quickly.
  • "Then assign one of these 'slaves' to get my room in order." He spat out angrily pronouncing the word slave like it tastes bitter in his mouth. "Okay your highness, consider it done." Prince Luciano relaxed back on his chair, his face expressionless like he wasn't the same person who looked like he could kill somebody. "Good you may take your leave." He said his voice calm as ever.
  • Helen bowed her head and turned around quickly and with hurried steps exited the room.
  • *
  • *
  • Eleanor had just returned from cleaning the very big ballroom in the castle. The ballroom had been very dusty, cause it has been so long since it was used, making it very difficult to clean.
  • "I wonder why they do tell us to clean the room they're never going to use." Eleanor thought within herself. "Because you all are slaves." Her subconsciousness reminded her. She signed heavily as she got dressed in a poorly made dress specially for slaves after taking her bath.
  • Eleanor had just finished dressing up and was about laying on the floor to get some rest. There was only one bed in the room which consists of twelve female slaves including Eleanor and Gwen. The room was poorly constructed, small with only one window.
  • There was a knock on the door before the door went open and Madam Helen the heads of all maids in the palace stepped in. They all greeted her. Helen was a very generous and caring woman to all of them. Most times she would steal food from the palace kitchen to give it to them to eat or else they would've probably starved to death.
  • Helen scanned all of them with her eyes looking around until her eyes landed on Eleanor. "Eleanor" Helen called with a concerned voice. Eleanor looked up and stood to her feet before answering "yes ma'am."
  • Madam Helen took a deep breath before speaking "you have been assigned to clean and make sure Prince Luciano's is in order." Eleanor could hear a very loud bang in her head. Prince Luciano!!...dear gods!!!!