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Chapter 8 Under the Same Stars

  • Because I also have nothing to entertain myself with, if I get tired and bored of reading, I just take a break and draw. I chose to stay in the pool area to get some inspiration. This is how I work almost every day.
  • Then, with a few house chores, I would go around almost every corner of this house. But more often than not, if I am not on the beach, I am here because I can still see the vast sea and the fresh air here. I sat down on a few steps of the stairs that are here.
  • The breeze was cold because of the recent rain, and I ignored it. The breath-taking view that I always used to see never fails to amaze me. In the morning, you could see the colorful surroundings because of the trees and the blue sea, but now only the star is with me.
  • I seem to have forgotten my purpose here because I just hugged my sketchbook and stared at the stars.
  • "Beautiful."
  • I breathed while looking at the sky filled with millions of lights. It looks so pretty—so pretty that it will make you sad. I can’t help but be sentimental because of the beauty it gives me. Before, I used to stare at those, but this is different. Everything was just so different. I bet it was more beautiful way back then. For sure, staring at those with a smile on my face and not carrying any worry or pain will be much different.
  • What a shame, because I only have them. I fought back the tears that welled up in my eyes and simply opened my drawing book and worked on it for nearly a week. I also drew a lot, but it took me the longest time because lately I've been immersing myself in studying and doing my school projects.
  • Drawing some structural designs Yes, chasing after this dream was so suffocating. It used to be so easy to explain and find a reason for this dream. There's always a reason and inspiration behind it. But now I'm lost, and it's hard for everyone to continue if you have no reason to continue. You don’t even know why and for what. It was so suffocating that I had no choice but to breathe because that's what it was. That's my only choice.
  • "Is that what you're taking up?"
  • I don't have to look back because he's the only one who can own that voice. I shook my head and smiled while shading some parts of my work.
  • "Hopefully, after my last year."
  • I looked at him for a while because he was already sitting beside me. I could not escape the moment of meeting his thick eyebrows.
  • "But I'm not sure yet because I don't want to rely on Solidads." I proceeded.
  • It's true. I was planning to work after I graduate because I am already very grateful to Solidad and I don't want to rely on them for the next steps I need to take. If I want to be an architect, I should pursue it on my own, without the assistance of anyone. I can feel him looking intently at me. And I don't even know why I'm suddenly talking to him. Is it an effect of the medecines I take or the stars? I was stunned and stopped what I was doing.
  • I looked up at the sky once more, secretly blaming it for my feelings. I turned my gaze back to him and smiled sweetly at him. He looks so serious that I can't even read him. I can't fathom the look on his face.
  • "But you have potential. It's a shame if it'll just go to waste." He said it while looking at me.
  • "May I see." He took the sketchbook I was holding, and I felt a rush of uncontrollable shyness. He is an engineer, and it is unlikely that he has handled so many projects, and he may think my work is just rubbish. He is now slowly staring at what I have drawn. It was a beach house, just like the ones I used to fantasize about for my family years ago.
  • I remember very well how I promised my father that I would fulfill his dream of building that house on the exact site of our hut. I was so positive about it before. He was looking at it intently, and I couldn't help but notice his perfection. I realized that his thick eyebrows naturally turn flat when he concentrates. He tilted his head as he lick his lower lip. I was afraid of his possible criticism a while ago but now all of a sudden it all fade away.
  • "Is this your own work?" He asked. I nodded slowly at his question. He shook his head and said, "You can't just let this go to waste."
  • His eyes widened as he turned to me again and returned what he had taken. I could only return his smile; after all, a smile seems to solve everything.
  • "If you have your concerns about this, I can always give my thoughts since I'll be staying in here for a while. Hmm?" He gently said.
  • It seemed to pinch my heart because of what he said. He seems to be saying that he will teach me the profession I want. I couldn’t help but smile at the little pleasure I felt. I'm not sure if his offer or his stay is what makes me really happy. For the first time since everyone had left, I didn't feel alone.
  • ----
  • "Mother Celia, I'll take care of it. You don't have to do that for me anymore."
  • Slowly, I told Mother Celia, one of the Solidads' housemates. Mother Celia has been one of the mothers I have considered since I moved here, in part because I can talk to her more frequently than the Solidad's and because I am comfortable telling her what is bothering me; perhaps I think we are of the same status and she understands me?
  • "What are you, Cyreese? You're the only one who says you're also a maid in this household. The Solidads consider you as their family."
  • She said this as she placed two plates with only breakfasts that I was certain she had prepared.She is the one who cooks for the Solidads.