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Chapter 6 You don't look like one

  • From where I'm sitting now—only the rattles of dishes and whatever else I can hear from the two of us' silence—I'm not sure how many more times I've rolled my eyes at this place.
  • Our eyes met again, and I seemed to be burned, so I averted my gaze again. How many times did I do that? I've lost my count. About thirty minutes ago, maybe, we sat here at one of the coffee shop tables just a few corners from where we came from earlier. I thought he'd take me to prison, but I was relieved because he took me here. I also don't know why he brought me here, but I don't care what it is anymore. The important thing is that I still have time to aplogize and beg because I don't know what I will do if I dissapoint the Solidads again. I haven't even apologized for the accident, now I'm going to give them another embarrassment.
  • "Who are you?" I was shocked when he suddenly spoke.
  • "H-huh?" The crack of my voice was so clear. So when he smirked when he heard that, I couldn't think.
  • "Forgive me. I'm not going there again. Trust me, just don't put me in jail. I don't want the Solidads to know that..."
  • I begged him, and I couldn't continue because it looked like I could no longer control the words in my mouth because Solidads are private people, and I couldn't just tell others about them. I haven't thought about it all, as long as it's important to me that it doesn't get to the Solidads. He stared at me with a bored look until a slight smile crept onto his face and he started to laugh.
  • I couldn't help but frown at what he did because it seemed like a while ago I almost froze in fear of him, but now he is here and laughing. He slightly touched the bridge of his nose and licked his lips, then looked at me blankly.
  • "Why should I forgive you, then?"
  • He seemed to find telling me even more challenging. I just bowed down and seemed to be giving up on what I wanted to happen. If only I knew something like this would happen, I shouldn't have gone there. I just let out a sigh, and when I felt the heat in my eyes, I immediately turned my head so he wouldn’t see it. I hate myself. I feel so drained after everything that happened since last night, and here I am, having tried to convince someone but giving up. I did go there, yes, but if I only knew that there were buildings being built there, I wouldn't go.
  • I was just trying to ... rest. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes, even though I knew he saw me. I still tried to pretend that nothing had happened. If this is what I have to suffer for that mistake, then I don't have a choice but to take it.
  • "O-okay." I wanted to add more words, but I couldn't stop the sighing I was feeling—a mixture of tiredness, pain, worry, and sadness. I swallowed one after another, nervous because I didn't know what to do next.
  • I'm not sure how long we've been silent, but I can feel how gently he looks at me. I couldn’t help but look at him because I was bent over, afraid to see what he really felt. The silence was almost eating me up when he suddenly picked up his phone.
  • "Coffee shop, 7 blocks."
  • He said to whom he had called and reluctantly placed the phone back on the table, breaking our silence. Maybe that's the authority he called. I just closed my eyes tightly and surrendered to everything. So this is where I'll end, huh? Prison?
  • "You're a Solidad? You don't look like one."
  • I raised my head at what he said. I felt a slight sting when he said those words. Who would have thought that I was one of the Solidads? Here I am, a scoundrel who associates with them.
  • "No. I'm not Solidad. T-that's just where I'm staying."
  • I tried to crack a smile but failed. If before I wasn't sure how I felt, now it's just self-shame. You are pathetic, Cyreese. I caught a faint glimpse of his eyes. He's looking so blank at me now, and I'm still staring at him. Maybe it's disgusting to look at someone like me. I only lost sight of him when a serious-looking man in a black suit approached him.I just looked up and looked at the height of it, and I looked back and forth at the two of them.
  • "We'll take you home." Lourd said coldly and stood up to leave.
  • I didn't have time to speak because he had already left and the man who came after him followed him. I can't think straight, and with a blank mind, I stood up and followed them.
  • When I came out, a black and elegant car was in front of me, the man before me was holding the open door, and inside was the man I had just talked to. I stopped because I had no plans to deliver any more; did I think I would continue to the prison? I can't think straight.
  • He looked at me darkly and said, "Get in."
  • With a thousand questions on my mind, I just went in and tried to ignore the nervousness I was feeling. I don't have time to ask questions. The important thing is that I don't stay in prison. I just looked out the window and waited to arrive at the Solidads' house.
  • ---
  • I slammed the book I was reading because, no matter what I did, I couldn’t understand it. My mind and my eyes aren't cooperating well. I'm so out of focus, and I hate it. That guy won't leave my mind alone. After he took me to his driver, I still wanted to say thank you, but it seems like he just didn't care who ordered his driver to leave. I don't know if I should be offended about his attitude or I should be just thankful because I'm here and not in prison. I could do nothing but get up from my bed and go out of the room to find something to do.