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Chapter 2 The visitor

  • "Oh, you look happy again. Is it good to be watered for a long time?"
  • It was my routine whenever I went out and saw the not-so-big garden around the house of the Solidad family. It's fun every time you see plants that bloom and look healthy because of the rain.
  • From my vantage point, I looked out over the peaceful sea that had recently disappeared due to strong winds and rain. My suspicion that the rain will also stop in the afternoon is correct because the same thing has happened in recent days. It's a pity that the class was canceled.
  • A few more steps, and I was out of the gate. If there was one thing I liked about this house, it was its location: it was peaceful, close to the sea, and the air was still clean, far away from the civilization I could observe and read about. I looked up to see a clear blue sky, as if nothing bad had rained previously.
  • Slowly, I spread my arms, trying to cease the moment. It was so relaxing that it made me forget my life for a moment. I whispered my silent prayers for my mom and dad, hoping that they would hear me. Sometimes I can't help but miss them. I still have fresh memories of how happy we were to go to church together, how we planted plants, and how mom and dad took care of me.
  • But maybe that's not what makes my chest tight, but the fact that it won't happen again. I was all alone. It's only been a few years, but it's very sad. My brain seemed blank, and hundreds of questions flowed through me. It's hard to imagine when I'm going to start again, where I'm going, and what I need to do. It's wrong to be jealous of others who also have a whole family, but I can't help it. If it's guilt that I'm feeling, then I want to get rid of it, but if I lose it, I feel like I'll forget the memories they left me. I wipe my tears and smile, trying to make myself feel better.
  • "I'm just sad, mom, dad."
  • I nodded to ease the weight on my heart. Even though you've surrendered so many times now, saying "I can't do it anymore," at the end of the day, there are dozens of reasons to remind you that there are more reasons to continue and to stay.
  • "Cy!"
  • I immediately turned away as I saw the familiar figure running towards me. It's just Oli. He was my classmate last year but not anymore; their house is just next to the land where the Solidads live, but it is still a bit far because the land covered by the Solidad family is vast.
  • He was running so hard that the sand from the shore was shoveled by his feet, and some of it accidentally got into his eyes. Before he could get close, he was bent over in pain. I just giggled at the way he looked, and I approached him myself.
  • "Are you okay? Why are you in a hurry?" I giggled as he frowned and rolled his eyes. He just shook his head for a moment and looked at me.
  • "I want to see you." He said.
  • "H-huh? We just met yesterday," I told him, surprised.
  • His eyes just narrowed as if he were investigating me; I just stared at him, and the astonishment was obvious to me. I was shocked because his reaction suddenly changed; his smile is now sky-high.
  • "I came here to ask you again. Later, mom and dad would take us up to town because we were going to have a party with my aunt. Are you going to come?"
  • Last week he even invited me to join them at the festival in the other town in exchange for me asking him for a favor on a project we had at school. I am not fond of festivities like this, but I can do nothing because I have already promised Oli.
  • "Ah, I'll ask Ma'am Mira first." I answered him slowly, and he nodded.
  • He looked at the unfamiliar car parked at the gate of my boss' house. "Looks like the couple has a guest, huh? Are you busy again?"
  • "Of course not." I answered sparingly.
  • I had the opportunity to go out because the intention of the man who had attended earlier seemed important because after they had breakfast, Sir Constantine and the man who was with him in the home office were locked up.
  • Oli pulled my hair out and pinned it behind my ear, making me sigh. "I'll wait for you later." He spoke weakly but eloquently.
  • I averted my eyes and just smiled. I just said goodbye to him and went straight back to the house I was serving because maybe they wanted to order something, but I'm out. I just failed to restrain myself before, and I was carried away by the presence of the sea.
  • I caught up with the family as well as the guest in the living room. The couple is side by side, and Celest and the man are in the same seat. My world seemed to stop again when his puffy eyes hit me. The lump on my throat was blocking everything that needed to sink in, but his eyes won't leave me, so I have no choice but to act like his stares don't affect me at all. I thought about going up to my room, but Ma'am Mira told me to stay here.
  • "Cyreese, can you bring Levi something to drink here."
  • Levi. Levi is his name.
  • "Don't bother, aunt."
  • His accent is intimidating. He uses his tone as if anyone he'll talk to will not have a choice but to follow everything he'll say. Ma'am Mira, it appears, did not listen to him and forced me to return to the kitchen.I can still feel his eyes following me. I tried to get out of my mind all the things that could only embarrass me, so I slowly walked towards the kitchen.
  • When I came back, I thought of telling them my plans for this afternoon so that I could get ready because it was already afternoon.
  • "Ma'am Mira, I just want to tell you that I will be going out of town later. Oli invited me to join his family to enjoy the festival. If only I could."
  • The hesitant tone was almost visible. Not because I was nervous if I wasn't allowed but I almost melted under Sir Levi's stares at me.
  • "Is that so? Then come with Levi here because that's also where he's going."