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Chapter 272 Sleeping Together On The Same Bed

  • Xiao Chengjue and Jing Nanyu both glanced at each other and simultaneously zipped up their mouths.
  • “Yu, I’m alright. Mr. Xiao, regardless of what happened between us before, that’s all in the past. I would prefer if you stopped bringing it up,” said Hua Shengan.
  • Xiao Chengjue’s expression stiffened. “Alright, I understand.”
  • Jing Nanyu, on the other hand, was smiling smugly inwardly.
  • “Mr. Xiao, I have things I need to say to Yu in private. Could you please give us the room?”
  • Hua Shengan was thinking about how she didn’t get to tell Jing Nanyu that she wanted to cancel the engagement earlier. The same thought flashed across Jing Nanyu’s mind.
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