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Chapter 78 Grandma is saved

  • Tuong Hieu Han was held by Doan Thien Vinh, her white hands clinging to his coat, his expensive shirt was also wet by her because of the close distance.
  • "I ..." Being so resentful of him, Luong Phi Phi was even more annoyed, she stared at Tuong Hieu Han who was in Doan Thien Vinh’s arms.
  • Feeling her gaze, Tuong Hieu Han looked back fearlessly.
  • Even though her body wasn't fine right now, she would never admit defeat so easily.
  • Luong Phi Phi was already angry when she was scolded by Doan Thien Vinh, now seeing Tuong Hieu Han’s smug look, she felt even more hatred.
  • Because of Tuong Hieu Han, Doan Thien Vinh scolded her many times, even now, he still scolds her in front of her, how can she swallow this anger?
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