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Chapter 76 Hatred

  • His words were like a thorn piercing her heart, causing her so much pain that tears rolled down her cheeks, but she stubbornly refused to let it fall: "So how can you replace me after all? pay your hospital bills?”
  • "I know that." He gently said a few words, but made Tuong Hieu Han no longer patient enough to talk to him, she shouted into the phone: "I won't beg you!"
  • After saying that, she definitely hung up the phone and turned to go up to her room and close the door.
  • She lay on the bed, tears streaming down her pillow, sobs echoing in the room.
  • Mom, what am I supposed to do?
  • Why are you so cruel to her? Apparently he knew who she was most interested in? But he still tortured her like this, after all, why?
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