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Chapter 74 Teach

  • "Tuong Diem Dan, you don't have to promote yourself like that, we both know what kind of person you two are." A cold voice rang out, there was no temperature in her eyes: "Both of them like to poke around in other people's corners and do mean things behind their backs, you two are such a convenient couple. female, a pair was born in heaven.
  • Others may not understand what Tuong Hieu Han said, but Doan Dinh Anh knows what Tuong Hieu Han’s words mean.
  • Tuong Hieu Han’s idea is that Doan Dinh Anh married Tuong Diem Dan behind her back, after getting married, eating rice in a bowl still remembers what is in the pot.
  • This matter has always been a thorn in his heart, if it wasn't for Tuong Diem Dan who was the landlady of the Tuong family, and the Tuong family only acknowledged a daughter as her, then he would never have been for the sake of his family.
  • He forced himself to marry someone he thought would be beneficial to his career, but he didn't expect to be in trouble.
  • The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, his hands hanging on his sides tightened. Before he could speak, he heard Tuong Hieu Han’s voice: "I advise you two to do good deeds, don't always think. to things that don't belong to you anymore, to avoid that the child born is not yours."
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