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Chapter 73 Celebration

  • After leaving, Tuong Hieu Han returned to the villa. Lying on the bed, the image of Doan Thien Vinh and Luong Phi Phi laughing and talking suddenly appeared in her mind, what are you thinking? She and Doan Thien Vinh were originally just a cooperative relationship, there could not be any feelings between them. Using a blanket to cover his head, after a while rolling back and forth on the bed, Tuong Hieu Han slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.
  • Two days have passed peacefully, and for the past two days, Tuong Hieu Han has not continued to follow Tuong Diem Dan, because in her hand, it seems that there is enough evidence. Today, while Tuong Hieu Han was cleaning the bedroom, the housekeeper suddenly appeared knocking on her door and entered.
  • "Madam, the master told you to prepare a little, tonight I will go with him to attend a party, this is the outfit brought by the master." The butler put a bag on the tea table, respectfully said.
  • Tuong Hieu Han blinked his eyes and asked curiously:
  • “Do I go there myself or does he come here to pick me up?”
  • "The master said that he would come home to pick you up at five o'clock this afternoon." The butler smiled softly and replied politely.
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