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Chapter 67 Pregnant

  • This is a guy who likes to cause trouble, free to talk about things. Tuong Diem Dan glared at Tuong Hieu Han, anger seemed to burn in her eyes, he moved his hand to want her back, but was beaten back by Tuong Hieu Han and held Luong Phi Phi's arm.
  • "Star? Do you still want to hit me?"
  • Swinging his arm, Tuong Diem Dan took a step back, a cruel look evident in his eyes:
  • “What do you like? If it weren't for the Divine Paragraph, you'd be nothing." If it wasn't for marrying Doan Thien Vinh, how dare she be so exaggerated? As long as they got a divorce, would she still be able to raise her voice so arrogantly?
  • People went in and out of the hospital a lot, when they saw the two of them standing at the door arguing, many people came to whisper and talk, but both Tuong Hieu Han and Luong Phi Phi ignored them. Tuong Hieu Han said angrily:
  • “Unfortunately, I have him, so what? Now you feel like I'm riding on your neck, don't you, I'm still your sister-in-law no matter what, in front of you I'm still one level taller than you." Confidence radiated from her body, her eyes growing even more arrogant.
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