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Chapter 66 The truth

  • Set her down on the sofa, firmly holding onto her arm. Tuong Hieu Han struggled to withdraw his hand, but the strength of a woman can't be compared with a man's, it can't be recovered at all. A moment of self-pity, her heart seemed to break. What do you mean by that? Slap her once and give her a candy? Holding back his emotions, coldly said:
  • "I can do it myself, don't bother me."
  • Doan Thien Vinh didn't care about her protest, took the medicine gently and carefully applied it to her burn. When the medicine reached the burn, a cool feeling was transmitted, causing the tips of Tuong Hieu Han’s frowning eyebrows to gradually relax. Seeing Doan Kim Than's considerate expression when applying medicine to her, Tuong Hieu Han’s heart suddenly felt a little different, but very quickly, she retracted her gaze, reluctantly letting herself be deceived by this expression of his.
  • After applying, put down the medicine, Doan Thien Vinh scowled and said:
  • “Are you a pig? Why don't you know how to resist?"
  • Since entering the room, he had not said a word, now after helping her apply the medicine, the pent-up rage for so long poured out. Tuong Hieu Han was a little stunned, then lowered his face and said sadly:
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