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Chapter 62 Find out the truth

  • Moreover, where there are people, there will be concubines, plus the status of the CEO's wife, even more needless to say, there are some people who are so jealous that they hate to push her into the quagmire.
  • So comparing with these people is comparing with yourself, why do you have to make it difficult for yourself?
  • "Ding" a sound, the elevator door opened, she entered with a calm face and isolated from the unfriendly eyes of those looking at her.
  • The elevator goes straight to the top floor. She stepped out of the elevator and went straight to the General Manager's office without caring about other people's eyes.
  • When the secretary saw her, he immediately walked over and said arrogantly: "Madam, are you looking for the CEO?"
  • Even though she called her madam, her expression showed no respect, the contempt in her eyes was not hidden.
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