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Chapter 58 The plan was discovered

  • She didn't have to rely on him to find a way, she was sure there were other ways.
  • However, the more she thought about it, the more confused she became, and finally she angrily grabbed a handful of hair from her head and buried herself under the blanket.
  • The next day when Tuong Hieu Han woke up, Doan Thien Vinh had already arrived at the company.
  • A suspicion flashed in her eyes, it's only half past seven, normally at this time he is having breakfast, why is he coming to the office at this time?
  • She shook her head, not thinking about his business anymore, now there were more important things waiting for her to do.
  • For many days, Tuong Hieu Han wanted to open his mouth to talk to him about his grandmother's affairs, but his face was always not good, every time when he wanted to talk to him kindly, he would coldly mock or say a few words. turned away, she didn't stand a chance.
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