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Chapter 54 Broken heart

  • With such a simple condition, there shouldn't be a need for a very high level of education, right? She took a deep breath and entered.
  • At this moment, Tuong Hieu Han is sitting in the interview room and the interviewing manager is looking at her resume: “Do you have work experience? Are you proficient in computer operations?
  • Tuong Hieu Han replied calmly with a smile on his face: "I have working experience and am proficient with computers."
  • She answered each question from the interviewing manager. When Tuong Hieu Han thought that he might be able to apply, the manager suddenly sneered: "You...all things are good."
  • The manager paused for a moment and then continued: “It's just that your degree is a high school diploma, although the conditions of our company are simple, but none of the people who work here are non-universities. where? I want to ask you, who gave you the courage to interview at my company?"
  • The provocative sarcasm made Tuong Hieu Han’s face heat up, her hands squeezed tightly and she tried to smile: "Director, your application form does not say that you must have a university degree or higher, so....."
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