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Chapter 53 Rescued

  • Doan Thien Vinh waved his hand and punched the wall, reproachfully said:
  • "Immediately put all efforts to find the whereabouts of those traffickers, and definitely save the lady's return."
  • Hearing that, the assistant nodded and left the motel. The section of Doan Thien Vinh at this moment is like a slow-exploding bomb, no one knows when he will explode, if he still dares to delay here, will the small life still be preserved?
  • Seeing Doan Thien Vinh’s gloomy face, Luong Phi Phi walked over to pretend to be dead and said:
  • "Mr. Doan Thien Vinh, it's because I'm not good, if I didn't run out, Sister Tuong Hieu Han wouldn't have to face such things."
  • After saying that, her eyes began to tear up, but in reality, she was extremely pleased when she heard this news from the bottom of her heart. Unfortunately, Doan Thien Vinh at this moment is only concerned with the safety of Tuong Hieu Han, not feeling the difference of Luong Phi Phi.
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