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Chapter 51 Sublime tricks

  • It seemed that in a blink of an eye, Tuong Hieu Han stood up from the chair, hurriedly stepped back, her eyes panicked, constantly shaking her head. Luong Phi Phi burst into tears, the burn on his hand gradually turned red.
  • “Sister, what are you doing? Even if you don't want the tea I poured you, you don't have to get angry to do it to this extent, right? I really, really wanted to come here and apologize to you, I know you still don't like me, but I really wanted to be your friend." The tone of her grievances, plus the expression on her face, tears welled up in her eyes.
  • This sudden incident made Doan Thien Vinh angry, he pulled Luong Phi Phi behind, walled that Tuong Hieu Han intentionally made it difficult, indignantly said:
  • “Tuong Hieu Han! Don't think that you can do it too much in the afternoon, don't think that I dare not touch you!"
  • She is afternoon should do too? Obviously she didn't do anything, but he scolded her without a doubt, could it be that men like those kinds of women who pretend to be weak and cry like that? In her heart, she felt extremely ridiculous, her husband was in front of his wife protecting another woman, moreover this was clearly a play, he did not see it.
  • “Mr. Doan Thien Vinh….it hurts….” Luong Phi Phi spoke up, her white skin appeared red, and Doan Thien Vinh did not dare to hesitate, quickly went to get a medicine box to bandage her.
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