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Chapter 50 Intentionally causing trouble

  • Turning around and curling his arms, reluctantly he couldn't continue to look at the two of them, thinking that it would be a little more comfortable, but the wound in his heart was still not limited, but growing. After all, in his heart, where is her position, Tuong Hieu Han is even thinking about what her marriage means in the end. Although at the beginning it was because she wanted to take revenge on Tuong Diem Dan, but the price was too great, she even regretted marrying him. If she didn't marry him, maybe she wouldn't have to suffer like now, right?
  • Tuong Hieu Han stood there, head bowed low, disappointment showing through her eyes. A wind suddenly blew past, invisible to her, making her even more lonely.
  • “Aa…lighter….Doan Thien Vinh……” The antiseptic water touched the wound on Luong Phi Phi's arm, she painfully frowned, her face pale.
  • If you can't see, your heart won't hurt, Tuong Hieu Han turned around and walked in another direction. After dressing Luong Phi Phi's wound, the two of them returned to the motel. After dinner, Tuong Hieu Han returned to his room alone, standing by the window looking at the garden filled with peach blossoms. It is impossible not to say that the scenery here is truly heartwarming, the evenings are especially quiet, the garden is filled with the fragrance of peach blossoms.
  • The night starlight shone on her small face, curled eyelashes, hands under her chin, high cheekbones highlighting her face. Doan Thien Vinh pushed open the door and entered, seeing such a scene in front of his eyes. He walked over and put an arm on her shoulder, Tuong Hieu Han was a little stunned, he didn't have to look up to know who it was.
  • “What are you thinking?” he asked gently.
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