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Chapter 46 Fascinating

  • Tuong Diem Dan bumped into the corner of the tea table, her face contorted with pain.
  • "Mother, she must be crazy, I will bring her down here immediately."
  • Tuong Diem Dan endured the pain and slowly stood up, chasing after Tuong Hieu Han. Tuong Hieu Han at this time was like a fly without a head, everything around was strange, causing the panic in her heart to rise even higher. Up to the third floor, ran into a room, wanted to close the door, but was stopped by Tuong Diem Dan’s arms, putting a lot of force to make Tuong Hieu Han take a few steps back.
  • "Tuong Hieu Han, what are you pretending to be stupid?" Tuong Diem Dan looked at Tuong Hieu Han’s bewildered face, the suspicion in her eyes became more and more obvious.
  • Tuong Hieu Han’s trembling arms hugged her body, constantly stepping back, her eyes filled with confusion and worry. When she backed up to the corner, she was afraid to press herself against it, as if that might make her feel safe.
  • What game is Tuong Hieu Han playing? But looking at her appearance is not the same as pretending, could it be that she has autism? Tuong Diem Dan has a friend who is a doctor. She has heard about autism in the past, doesn't like to talk, is afraid of strangers, panics when someone approaches, her current expression. Tuong Hieu Han fits all of the above. Something in her heart was still uncertain, tried the way her friend said before, approached Tuong Hieu Han, found that she really didn't say anything, much less had any other reaction. The cruel smile on Tuong Diem Dan’s lips was now even more dangerous, looking at Tuong Hieu Han’s trembling figure, she felt an extreme joy in her heart. This is clearly God helping her, this time is always oppressed by this woman.
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