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Chapter 44 Cruel care

  • Doan Thien Vinh nodded, looked at Tuong Hieu Han, pursed his lips, and did not say a word, his heart was complicated and unpredictable.
  • "Immediately investigate, try to find the fastest results." What he can do now is help her out of the shadow hidden deep inside.
  • Tuong Hieu Han looked around at everyone in the room, her eyes trembled, her fear was not hidden, her sharp fingernails penetrated deep into her white skin, and the wound remained. The body is also gradually tearing, the red blood color seeps into the white color.
  • Looking at Tuong Hieu Han’s confused and worried appearance, Doan Thien Vinh’s heart ached. He stopped the other doctors, reaching out to her:
  • "Tuong Hieu Han, don't be afraid, I'll take you home!"
  • The two words "go home" were like an invisible mantra, making Tuong Hieu Han’s entire body, who was trembling, gradually recovered. She bewilderedly stretched her hand forward, as if poisoned, slowly placing her hand on his palm. Doan Thien Vinh breathed a sigh of relief, and the expression on his face also became much softer. The other doctors, seeing the situation in front of them, didn't want to bother, no one told anyone to quietly withdraw from the ward. Doan Thien Vinh at that time did not dare to react too strongly, fearing that he would panic, he could only gently and carefully approach her, softly saying:
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