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Chapter 36 Life is not equal to death

  • A cold wind came, the movement on Tuong Diem Dan and Lieu Nghi Tuyen’s hands also stopped, the body was suddenly pushed away, staggered back a few steps.
  • When they clearly saw the person who had just arrived, the two froze and the blood in their bodies immediately froze, and fear immediately spread throughout their bodies.
  • Doan Thien Vinh picked up Tuong Hieu Han, who was in a coma, and looked at the wound on her body, his eyes rolling in a fierce wave.
  • The woman's pale little face made his heart ache.
  • Carrying Tuong Hieu Han was about to leave, he suddenly stopped walking and turned around, Doan Thien Vinh looked at the two of them with sharp eyes: "This debt, I will let Tuong Hieu Han wake up to pay it on his own, what is it? which she suffers today, another day she will demand it from you a thousand times over."
  • "No...not..." Tuong Diem Dan was so scared that she couldn't speak fluently, her hands were constantly shaking.
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