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Chapter 33 Encountering a rogue

  • She raised her head to look at the smiling man, both dyed blond, wearing a floral shirt, at first glance the kind of unscrupulous person with no job.
  • “Beauty, where are you in a hurry?” A man dressed as a zebra opened his mouth with a sly grin on his face.
  • Tuong Hieu Han swallowed and tried to calm down: "Have an appointment with you."
  • The surroundings were eerily quiet, not even a pedestrian, she had to think of a way to escape, if she continued like this, she was afraid something bad would happen in a moment.
  • The other man in a yellow shirt looked around, then turned to look at Tuong Hieu Han, his smile even more lustful: "In the middle of the night like this, how can any friends meet? Instead, let me and my brothers play with you."
  • The disgusting words made Tuong Hieu Han take a step back, panic flashing in his eyes.
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