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Chapter 32 Annual party

  • Mr. Thien Vinh? Before Tuong Hieu Han had time to think, he saw the woman's arm naturally draped over his arm, her eyes darkening.
  • She didn't know this woman in front of her, last time he suddenly ran away from the wedding, could it be because of this woman standing in front of her?
  • Thinking of this possibility, Tuong Hieu Han felt a bit of pain in his heart, but on his face he pretended not to care.
  • Doan Thien Vinh frowned, he wanted to pull his hand away, but when he glanced at Tuong Hieu Han, he let her hold it.
  • "Uncle Luong, long time no see." Doan Thien Vinh greeted the middle-aged man with a cold expression.
  • "That's right, we haven't seen each other since your wedding, today Phi Phi returned home, so I brought her here to join."
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