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Chapter 29 Angry

  • Lifting his head to look at Doan Thien Vinh’s profile and tight lips, Tuong Hieu Han thought in his heart, actually he is not a bad person, although sometimes he always acts cold, but when she is in trouble, he always appeared at the right time, at least, he didn't leave her alone there to let people bully her at will, right?
  • Doan Thien Vinh carried Tuong Hieu Han all the way to the car without saying a word. Tuong Hieu Han also did not want to anger him, so he quietly sat down, holding his body with both hands.
  • The raindrops hit the car window, the rainwater flowing down gradually blurred the vision and the outside scene also became blurred.
  • The wind blew through the gap in the window, Tuong Hieu Han suddenly shivered and shrank his shoulders, a small movement but fell into Doan Thien Vinh’s eyes.
  • “Cold is near.” As he spoke, he reached out and grabbed her wrist.
  • Her body slid slightly, then she leaned close to his chest, the sound of his heart pounding loudly and forcefully in her ears.
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