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Chapter 27 Not easily deceived

  • Instead, it's better to go and buy something suitable yourself.
  • “People rely on clothes, the first step in entering the workplace is the right clothes.” He pulled her out of the house, then opened the car door and whispered, "Get in the car."
  • "I said I'll go buy it myself." Even though he was right, she kept standing beside the car and didn't want to get in.
  • "Dressed so tattered, you want me to lose face?" Doan Thien Vinh sneered and looked at her coldly: "Tuong Hieu Han, I am the wife of Doan Thien Vinh brother, now I not only represent myself but also represent you."
  • Tuong Hieu Han gritted his teeth: "Didn't you say you wouldn't reveal our identities? What does that have to do with your face?"
  • The relationship between the two is kept secret, how can you make him lose face?
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