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Chapter 25 Too dangerous

  • Tuong Hieu Han opened his eyes and looked up, and immediately saw a tall figure standing in front of her, at this time her eyes were red, and a feeling of pity rose in her heart.
  • At this moment, Tuong Hieu Han’s whole body ached and weak, seeing Doan Thien Vinh, she suddenly felt strangely reassured, he came that she would be fine.
  • "Dad, Tuong Hieu Han is my woman, it's not anyone else's turn to act!" The cold words came out of Doan Thien Vinh’s throat, his eyes filled with storms.
  • Damn woman, don't you know how to hide? Isn't it normal for you to be very sharp?
  • “Insolent, am I an outsider?” Doan Phuc Khanh was so angry that his son told him that outsiders were so angry that he glared at him.
  • "I only say it once, my woman, only you have the right to teach."
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