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Chapter 16 Propose

  • Why worry about him, just act according to Doan Thien Vinh, anyway, she can vent her anger!
  • Thinking of this, Tuong Hieu Han raised his head elegantly, a look of joy on his face when being pampered.
  • The right music played, she walked towards the center of the stage door with a little shyness.
  • When passing by Tuong Diem Dan, Tuong Hieu Han deliberately slowed down. She turned her head to look at Tuong Diem Dan's unbelievable face, Tuong Hieu Han's heart was so happy that she wanted to sing.
  • She smiled brightly and said in a low voice: "I thought the marriage proposal of my sister-in-law was not as solemn as this, right? Haha, no wonder, a person who is considered as a check for the sake of getting married does not need to spend so much effort!"
  • These words really made Tuong Diem Dan mad. Especially the sentence "For the benefit" without an appointment, but with the saying "For the sake of the company" by Doan Dinh Anh, made Tuong Diem Dan seem to have been stabbed a strong knife in the heart, painful to the heart. suffocation.
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