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Chapter 8

  • Rose pov
  • I was glad when I saw them walking back all smiling, it was relieving, I thought my father was going to kill him for what he did to me, no matter what he did, I did not have the heart to hold it against him, all I ever want is for him to accept me and we live together like a perfect mate.
  • He came to my side, taking my hands off Miranda own "princess, am sorry for the way I treated you, I will keep making it up to you every day of my life"
  • Everyone was like awwwnnnn, I was kind of embarrassed but I don't care cause what he said means a lot to me and immediately I felt a change in my body, I felt connected to the pack as not a member but as their Luna, everyone must have felt that too cause everyone in the room except Jasper bow down their head in respect. It was a bit weird to see your father bow to you but I guess it's nature, that was how the moon goodness wanted it.
  • I was excited beyond what word can comprehend, I just kept mute and stare at Jasper who was also looking at me all lovey "baby, are you ready to move into the pack"
  • "Is that not too quick?" I said before thinking, is not that I don't like it, my wolf was screaming yes in my head, and am sure she is ready to move in with her mate
  • "If not for my stupid behavior, you are supposed to be on my bed and I can't even imagine the position you will be in right now" I already get the picture he is sending
  • My father growl "I think I don't need to know what you will be doing to my daughter in the bedroom alpha Jasper"
  • Just then my mum came inside looking all concerned, my father must have informed her "oh my baby girl, your father told me, how are you coping, do you want me to beat that alpha ass up"
  • Everybody started laughing, while I use my own eyes to point at my mate my mum haven't noticed, she followed my eyes and she immediately sprang up "alpha Jasper, I didn't know you were here"
  • He was just amused "it's okay ma, I understand why you want to whoop my ass"
  • My mum left me to meet her husband, she was embarrassed and scared cause of what she said but immediately she got into her mate's arms in a smooth embrace, she forgot about it and was calmed.
  • I heard her whispered to my dad "what's the alpha doing, I thought he said he doesn't want my daughter"
  • "It's a long story darling that I will love to tell you in our room but all am going to say for now is that our daughter is moving in with him into the packhouse"
  • "Are you sure we should let her go cause you already see what he does to her?" my mother said
  • Jasper growl and hold me possessively, meaning he heard them and he doesn't like the idea "she is mine, I want her close to me"
  • My mum just nods her head, she is like that cause she was an Omega because before she got mated to my father who was a beta. I look around the house Bryan and Miranda were nowhere to be found, they must have left during my mother's chaos, everything is going well as I want I think.
  • Jasper pov
  • My mate smuggle more closely Into my chest and I realized what I have been missing, it's not the same with Brenda, I only enjoy having sex with her but with my mate, it was something different, the feelings were heavenly and all I want to do is sink my teeth into her neck and complete the mating, if not for her family that is in this room with us, I will have surely done all that is in my head, I was already getting a boner by the mere thought. I distracted myself by messaging my mom on my phone reason because she is not a werewolf-like us, my dad found her on his visit to human land and since then he did everything to have her with him including kidnapping her into our world, she understood and forgave my father afterward and everything was going great since then, I told her my mate was coming and I want everything set to welcome, she must be happy cause she calls me back immediately, I excuse myself from my mate which was hard cause I don't want to ever leave her side again
  • I took a walk into the kitchen before picking her call "Hello Mom, there was no need to call me when you know am coming back with her"
  • "Don't give me that shit son, you did not tell me you found your mate and you are coming home with her"
  • "It was not necessary then, I did not accept her before" I know telling my mum the truth is not going to help cause am going to hear the sermon of my life
  • "Jasper Vincent, I did not train you that way, and your father isn't like that too" she screamed into my ear that I cringe "oh, my poor daughter in law" she lamented
  • "I was scared mom, I don't mean to ma"
  • "I have nothing to tell you now Mr, till you get..." She paused "honey, it's our son, she found her mate"
  • That must be a dad "we will soon be on our way and mum Bryan and his mate are also coming, we will discuss when we get there"
  • "Okay son, later, I better start preparing dinner"
  • I ended the call and go back into the living room, she was having a chit chat with her brother, I coughed as they acknowledge me "we need to get going now princess"
  • She nodded her head standing up from the sofa, she is looking sad, that must be because she is leaving her family "princess, they can visit and you visit too, I just want you close to me" hugging her
  • "Alright, I will go pack some of my stuff and say goodbye to mum and dad in their room"
  • "I will help you," her brother said dropping the food he was eating, when did he even get the food?
  • I wanted to follow too but I relent cause I know they will need some brother and sister time alone, I sat back down on the sofa and wait for them.