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Chapter 6

  • Rose was listening to the teacher who was teaching them trigonometry, she already knows it but she is using it to distract herself from the two lovebirds sitting beside her, she wish her mate really accept her, she made up her mind to go see him after the class and ask why he doesn't want her and then she will accept the rejection but suddenly she was starting to feel uncomfortable again in her seat, all she could feel all over her body was a burning sensation, she is feeling a great pain all over her body and she kept shifting in her seat, everything was starting to get blurry she tried to mind link someone cause she could not talk even to call the lovers beside her but she was too weak to do so. Bryan who was about to asked a question from her about the question the teacher asked them to solve noticed this and asked " Rose, are you okay" he asked, if not for the pain she is feeling, she will have rolled her eyes, does she look okay to him
  • She shook her and wave her hand in negativity, Bryan stood up immediately and walk to her side, hugging her shoulder "what happening to you, how are you feeling"
  • Madison attention was then drawn to them and quickly know exactly what going on with her " we need to take her home now , her mate is mating someone else"
  • They were already calling attention to themselves but they don't care, getting Rose out of the class is their main priority.
  • Bryan who doesn't care if the teacher was teaching quickly lift her up carrying her in his arms, he heard Madison apologizing to the teacher while following them in pursuit, carrying her to his car mind linking the two beta, her father and brother to come home while he drove her there.
  • Bryan pov
  • That son of a bitch have the nerve to hurt my sister, yes cause she is like a sister to me, I once thought she is going to be my mate and that was why I choosed to be her best friend cause I could always smell her scents until I met Madison.
  • I was confused at first on what is going and that was why I decided to go on a vacation with Madison and also do some research on why I could smell another feeling who is not my mate and always wanting to protect her, that was when I was told the person must be a white wolf and am her protector. I told Madison about it and she said she also feels that way toward her, she told me she was jealous of the both of us but no matter how she want to react, she always see herself wanting to protect her, I guess it's because she is my mate.
  • Her father met us at the door to their home, opening the door as we all walk inside with me placing her gently on the big sofa "I think I need to have a talk with the alpha, I can't keep seeing my daughter hurting like this"
  • "Dad, am in pain, tell it to stop" she keep groaning out in pain
  • She was still crying out when suddenly the door of their house burst open and I see the son of devil entered "oh,see who decided to grace us with his presence after putting her in this position" I said in total annoyance, he ignore me and ran up to meet her, pulling her closer to himself and hug her.
  • Her father just stood their looking at them, am sure he was also helpless like me if not, this guy won't be allowed to stay any closer to her.
  • Jasper pov
  • I was having sex with Brenda when I started feeling uncomfortable, my wolf keep screaming, I should run to mate, I ignore him, I thought it was his usual way of forcing me to accept the mate bond. "Am not ready Xavier"
  • He keep nagging in my head, I was about to shut him down when he says "Our mate will die if you continue to be selfish" immediately he said that, I jumped off Brenda pulliny my clothes as I run outside, I heard her following me but I wasn't in the mood for her tantrum as I just ignore her, after all she is not my mate and I don't care whatever happens to her.
  • I changed into my wolf with my clothes in my mouth and started running toward her house, immediately I got outside her house, I knew something was wrong, I quickly change back into my human form to wear my close and then I walk to their house to force the door open with my leg and all I could see was her laying on the sofa in pain, I did not even hear what's going on around the both of us as I dash to her and pull her into a hug, she hug me back, I seem to be the cure to her pain, after all I was the one that caused it.
  • " Please don't leave me" she said with tears in her eyes"
  • " Am never going to, am right here with you princess" hugging her some more, when she was totally calm, that was when I see all the pairs of eyes staring at me in disgust, my wolf was angry that they did not respect him as their alpha " I totally deserve it" I told him
  • Bryan or whatever he call his name walk up to me " what are you doing here motherfucker"
  • "Same thing you are doing here and what the fuck are you are doing, I can smell you all over her, you have your mate, she is mine" I was very possessive of her cause I could smell him all over my princess and it's kind of pissed me up
  • He scoffed, he dare scoffed at me
  • "Oh, she is yours eh, yet you shove you dick into some other pussy, you are the one that put her in this state"
  • He was right and I was mad that he was "it's complicated
  • Danny entered into the house and sensed what's going on "Jasper, you really go far this time around"
  • "Danny"
  • He was very angry and I already see that radiating of him but obviously, it's radiating off every one in this room but I don't care cause my only priority is my sweetheart in my hand.
  • Talking of her, her grip on me loosened, I guess she is aware of what's going on around here "Jasper" she call me with her sexy voice
  • "Yes baby" putting all my attention back to her
  • "What are you doing here" she said sitting up "I know you don't want me, it's my fault, I should have accept your rejection"
  • "No baby, it's my fault, I was scared, I don't want to loose you, I do care about you that's was why I tried to stay away from you"
  • "Why"
  • "You can't understand" the only thing that matters is that she is okay now and am never going to hurt her again
  • "Alpha Jasper, Danny and Bryan can I see you in my office now" it was her father and I know alpha or no alpha, he was not going to make this easy for me "baby, I will be back" I followed them into another room and I could see Bryan mate walk to her at the corner of my eyes
  • This is going to be a long conversation and I think it's time I have to come clean to everyone.