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Chapter 3

  • All I want to do right now is Mark her as mine and complete the mating process, I can smell her arousal and that's what drives me to touch her, if I don't reject her now I never will. I was about to reject her when my wolf takes over unexpectedly, it took me by surprise like what the hell just happened.
  • My wolf marks her.
  • When I finally found my voice, I drew back from her cause I was pinning her down "Rose, I don't mean to mark you, it was my wolf"I struggled to say cause I could smell her scent, they are lovely and I just want to kiss her soft lips again
  • Her response baffles me "of course, you were about to reject me because of her, she is not your mate, I am but you were going to choose her over me but guess what, am glad your wolf did cause I wouldn't be able to survive it and I needed it to be able to fully shift into my wolf" she scowled at him
  • "Rose, don't you understand the fact I don't want to be with you, I love Brenda" it hurt me to say it cause I stopped loving Brenda the moment I found out she is my mate
  • " and who said I want you, I also have a boyfriend and I love........ " she stopped mid-sentence cause she was scared and dare not to continue when we growled at her
  • " you are mine Rose and I did not want to share you, I will kill every male that dares look at you" I pinned her to a desk behind her and inhale her scent in but what the fuck is wrong with me
  • "Last I check, you don't want me, and stop being overprotective" she replied with a smile
  • "you bear my mark now so nobody dares to touch you" I couldn't control myself around her, my wolf wouldn't let me
  • "Hey cool down, I only need you to shift into my wolf and am done with you" she lied, she will always need him.
  • She still needs to change into her wolf before I will be able to hear her thoughts and know what my wonderful mate is thinking about. Geez, get a grip of yourself Jasper
  • She kept biting her lips and that's a turn cause I kept imagining how my lips will be on hers and with that, I placed my lips on hers again. How I wish I could kiss her every day "don't dare me, Rose, you are mine even if I don't want you now, you are still my mate and my wolf want you"
  • "fuck you Jasper" she ran off but not as fast as for me not to notice the tears on her face "am ashamed of you you are hurting our mate, did you want her to go" my wolf Xavier said
  • "I don't want to hurt her that was why I wanted to reject her and you fuck it up for me, like must you mark her without my consent"
  • "At least am glad her wolf informed me beforehand"
  • " What do you mean Xavier" not understanding what he means
  • My wolf refused to answer me back and I got frustrated, I just block him out and left the school, I need to clear my head.
  • I don't believe he could be that heartless to that extent, he stole my first kiss, he even touched me yet he doesn't want me. I met my mother outside the school, she hugged me without saying anything, she leads me to her car and drove me home. My wolf herself is very happy about the mark.
  • "Rose, are you okay, what did that bastard do to you" I was snapped out of my thoughts by the voice of my brother, when did we get home, I said to myself and open the car door to help myself out
  • "oh, brother, you didn't go to class, don't tell me you are skipping classes like me what" pretending to not know what's mean and keep walking towards the house door with my brother and mother following me
  • "Danny, leave your sister alone, she already has enough for one day, she will talk to us when she is ready" my mother scolded him
  • He ignores my mum and sits beside me on the sofa with him facing me " don't pretend to me, you are our Luna"
  • My mother who was listening to our conversation " what do you mean she is our Luna" my mother asked getting alerted by what my brother said
  • "Cause she is Jasper, our alpha mate," he said facing our mother, she exclaimed but he only faces me back "how did it happen? He marks you already," he said as he catches a glance at my neck noticing my mark and feeling the power of Luna in her.
  • "Princess, I thought you said he does not want you, how on Earth then did hell do you have his mark," my mother asked again
  • "It's a long story mother and am very sorry brother, I just find out, and he does not want me "
  • "How did you mean, he marked you already, who mark their mate if they don't want them" my brother was fuming in anger, I wasn't happy
  • "It my fault I carry his mark, I begged his wolf to mark me so that I can shift, I couldn't bear the pain caused papa said it could kill me and am not ready to die yet"
  • My mama and brother both hug me at once "we are sorry dear, you know he is the alpha, we can't go against him and he might be going through some crisis concerning the pack" she said trying to console me and the reason the fact why her daughter was rejected
  • I sniffed and just nodded my head in affirmation but then I could scent him, it must be my hormones cause there is no way he will come to my place I couldn't continue with my conversation with my mother and brother cause it was like something was calling my attention into the wood and the next thing I did was excused myself and walk outside of the house and that was when I saw him in the wood looking straight at me but he could just be my imagination cause I do bear his mark now, I rubbed my eyes and checked again but he was still standing at the same spot but this time he was telling me to come into the wood, I signed and walk down to him.