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Chapter 16

  • Mazi Ileka’s household was woken up by a peculiar sound made by the enchanted staff of Eze Ajonwa. The glowing ever-burning fire staff came out whenever the chief priest was on a mission to deliver the message from Ajonwa deity. The fire staff was a symbol of authority. No one doubted any message delivered with the fire staff.
  • The people of Ohanta had often fled each time they heard the peculiar sound made by the staff. The staff was as old as Ajonwa himself, and according to what people heard, the fire on the enchanted staff had never snuffed out.
  • When the sound of the staff was heard in Mazi Ileka’s compound, all the members of his family began to come out of their different huts one by one. The look on their faces could not be described. Onochie fumed with rage. The words of the king had been repeating in his ear since yesterday, and now this.
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