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Chapter 15

  • Mazi Ileka lowered his gaze when Ezeudo threw his words back at him. He felt disappointed. None of them saw this coming. They knew their daughter was a special child, but they never knew how special she was until now. Ezeudo relaxed on his royal chair and waited patiently for him to speak. 
  • "Your Majesty, the gods are always right, but I disagree with them on this. No one wages war against a destructive spirit. She was born with the strength of three men, yes, the old woman told my son before her death. However, one does not need mortal strength to fight a spirit. The gods are wise but this time they failed by choosing the wrong person." 
  • "I was more devastated when I was told that the messenger is a girl. I was expecting a well-armed warrior like Ike, the chief guard. The gods are always wise. They see things we could not see that is why they know better than us. But one assurance I'm giving you today is that she will win the battle and put an end to this nightmare." Ezeudo assured. Mazi Ileka shook his head in disbelief. 
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