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Chapter 13

  • It had been two years since Ije was born. No one had ever heard from the king. The villagers wanted to know why he visited the family when the child was born. 
  • There was a rumor that the king wanted Ikenga, his son to marry the girl once she attend a marriageable age. Since the king had not come out to refute the rumor, the villagers believed the rumor was correct. While some were jealous of the child, some were happy for her. 
  • Onochie and his family were also worried. They needed to be clarified on some of the things the king said the day Ije was born. The messenger of the gods, the sacrifice, and the name he gave the child. The king knew something but no one was bold enough to ask him. The family, except Onochie's mother, knew there was more to the King's visit than engaging their daughter to his first son. 
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