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  • WARNING: [This chapter may contain scenes, which aren’t suitable for an audience below 18. If it isn’t your forte, you can stop reading or skip this part. Thank you )]
  • Her heart dance in tango. Eve were totally bound at lost, the closeness and the masculine smell put over dominion above her being. Mr. Del Fierro’s hands hold her—his grip isn’t tight, but guarded. The loud beating of her chest lead for her to succumbed towards the sensation she’s familiar with. Withstanding ahold, the sultry music continue playing on the background. By instinct, Eve moved her hips in spite of how her skin slowly made contact at the roughness of his suit. The air were becoming much thicker. The cloth covering her although exposing what she hid in secret from the prying eyes is the only thing that keep them apart.
  • “Do you know how many men you are driving crazy?” His hot breathe tickles the back of her nape. She bit back her tongue to suppress the gasp she was trying to conceal. “They would have die with envy, if they saw you in my arms.”
  • “They will kill you.” Said she, breathing heavily.
  • “Exactly.” His chuckles reverberated through. She could feel the rhythm of his chest, and like her, Eve knew the effect she had, yet his—deems to prolly envelope her beyond. To squeeze tightly not in suffocation, but something much deeper. It was utterly frustrating, and intriguing at the same time over and over again.
  • “But you seems like somebody, who control something that you wanted to dominate with—” But her words were caught up on her throat, Eve wasn’t supposed to have some hands running across her body. On her line of work as what she’d agreed on, men would praised her on the stage, but overlooking something she had least expecting to lead her here that a pleasurable rumble resonates deep in her throat, when Mr. Del Fierro skim his fingertips on her waist. He was circling that part, and it was enough for her to lose all the self-restraint that made her writhes under his control. She was totally submissive.
  • “S-sir—” Eve gasp loudly, her voice betraying her already.
  • Her cries meekly a submission that could have wake one from his libido. Before Eve knew what was happening, she was swept on her feet, hair spills over the edge and onto the seat of the cushion, where Mr. Del Fierro were watching her earlier like a hawk. With her half-lidded orbs, it was the very first time she had studied his features this close. To see a man above her do not happen everyday. She loathed their existence, but a God offering him herself with many unfathomable promises that his bared lips sealed shut with a dominion she’d not yet found even on Jed? It’s something new driving adrenaline rushing all over her body. What her reaction were beyond her control. It wasn’t her cup of tea to mix her work with pleasure, although Adams blood visit El Casa to fill the needs they seek refuge on that pandemonium.
  • “Will you take me to heaven, angel?” His whispers provocative, shadows looms and cast on his eyes that Eve found herself compelled.
  • “I—” She bit her lips. Why is she not resisting the edge she’s going overboard? To risk for pleasure, be tempt by the beast, who had her walls crumbling into ashes? Her throat is going dry each seconds. The thinning thread to say no has never happened. ‘stead of, she seek the den, warmth from what he could offer. “I’ll take you to heaven, Sir.”
  • Eve is ready to bend her wills, and forget the world exactly for a moment. To be lulled and secured, but to see him chuckles and slowly lowered his head up to where her ear was had almost drove her feverish.
  • “Mucho gusto, angel.” Mr. Del Fierro’s hot breathe fanning across the sensitive spot on her neck had made her knees weak. However, coldness swept through and replace the sensation bottling inside her chest.
  • Eve knew what that word means. Nice to meet you.
  • [As you may have already guessed, mucho gusto is one of the most common and easiest ways to say ‘nice to meet you’ in Spanish. Due to its popularity, this expression can be used in both formal and informal introductions. Another advantage of using ‘mucho gusto’ is that, unlike other expressions, you don’t need to customize or change it. But if you’re really happy to meet someone, you can intensify ‘mucho gusto’ by using the superlative form muchísimo (Daniela, 2021)]
  • But what he did next had left her stunned. Eve was expecting him to crash his lips against her, but what he pulled were totally opposite from her expectations. Mr. Del Fierro were slowly drifting away. She watched him pulling apart, entangling himself that lead for the absence, the gap she felt had left her hollow.
  • Nice to meet you? She thought.
  • Her jaw clenched. Her hands on its own accord clasp on his tie. His movement ceased. Eve were totally responding to his touch, her mind clouded towards the desire that pooled below in between. In midst of chaos that going against it were entirely pointless.
  • “Well I thought I should remind you how nice it was knowing me.” Her eyes goads him.
  • Evident wantons, and longings vividly put her orbs provocatively earning chuckles from the man on top of her. The challenge is there on her voice, which drop her mouth open in surprise as she was never been this bold. Mr. Del Fierro glided his fingers to her chin and coax it closed.
  • They stared at each other. The smell of their arousal had not deny how both are in total heat to pleas one another. Eve lunched herself to Mr. Del Fierro, whom in return turn her face to his, and kiss her hard. His tongue exploring and reclaiming her. Her body rises in response as she kisses him back with equal ardour and passion that both are in thirst to devour each cranny and nook of their body. His lips torments her, and she moans and tips her head back against the cushion, where Eve writhes and groans. They drink on each others scent as if they’ve been longing for this moment.
  • Both unbearably exposed. Eve were in delirious, too lost to notice how her chest were in bareness, not until she felt the cold air and his tongue on her mounds. He takes full advantage of her breasts so close to his face, clamping a hot mouth over the bud and sucking it harder. The room before her became distorted beyond recognition. Eve grasp his hair, her face glowing up red, sweat slipping and trickling, when she felt him growing hard and big. Nothing can smother Eve’s cries. Her legs squeeze together, gradually shuddering and shivering with utter anticipation. She was naked and disarmed. Her hair was loose. Eve had never felt this pleasure so gratified that her entire being were responding to his touch.
  • “How do you like it, angel?” His hot breathe send tingles all over her womanhood.
  • “I—It’s good—A—ah~” Eve bring her legs to wrapped it around him and bring him close. “Por pabor, I want m—more.”
  • “Shh.” Gently, he slid his fingertips over her folds. He was slipping it between and gathering the wetness that earned continuous pleas from Eve. Underneath him, she felt being praise. His lips going further, moving downward as it left trails, her skin was hot and damp. Her back arched. When she felt his lips on her folds, it ratchet her desire to unbearable levels. What he is doing is so intimate that the smooth penetration of his tongue contorted with pleasure is doubly erotic. Eve whimper. She was totally defenceless.
  • But her mewls turned sighs, a disappointment, when he pulled over before she could finally reached her gratification. Eve watched him. Mr. Del Fierro unbuckled his belt. There is a soft thud, but what’s hidden next and had greeted her had her eyes to roamed with zealous desire. He stood hard and erect. He was pulsating that there is a slight fear, whether she would be able to take him whole.
  • He hooks one of her legs over his shoulder and rims her with an exploring finger to check for lubrication.
  • “You can tell me to stop, Angel.” The softness coming from his voice had told her otherwise. He wanted her as much as she was craving for him.
  • “N—no—” Eve bit her lips. Her eyes evoke the ecstasy she wanted to feel. “Take me, p...p—please.”
  • Their eyes locked. Mr. Del Fierro slowly entered her cavern. It was unmistakably pleasurable as if there was a strong connection bounding them together, so close, yet so far, unravelling pleasure so deep that Eve would came into a realization that what’s happening is just a dream. Perhaps, tomorrow, this fantasy would be over.
  • Perhaps, Mr. Del Fierro never actually exist. Perhaps, it was her loneliness evoking her to sough after somebody, who actually cares for her apart from Malcolm.
  • She closed her eyes. Perhaps... Perhaps... And so Eve surrender herself, and let alone be taken.