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  • THUMP. THUMP. Germa waited, she is patient, her chest filled with anticipation as she lies there awake. Accustomed towards the darkness, which became her company for days and weeks, she doesn’t know. All she is aware of is how itchy her skin was, the smell she reeks as she had not even been allowed to set foot outside, nor felt the water running on her skin. The feeling is strange. Enrobe, clad on the same clothes, when she has been abducted from the hospital.
  • However, she pay no heed. Something on her guts were telling her that today something different would happen.
  • She was just hoping, looking forward that whatever it may have become, she was uttering a silent prayer for it to be a good thing and not something that could have driven her state worst.
  • She was eyeing the door, although she can only make out its shape, but not fully see it. She was waiting, and when she heard the click, the familiar keys, her chest fluttered. She was hoping to see Laura as she always does, but the smile that came affront to stretched on her lips vanish, it wasn’t Laura whom she saw, but the same male who has been keeping here, alive, but she was no more than different to a prisoner left to rot, although she was fed.
  • “What are you doing here?” She barks, her voice filled with the grudge she kept on her chest.
  • But Germa earned no response. No words were exchange, nor mockery which commonly came from him, whenever he would pay a visit uninvited. ‘stead of, her abductor move from behind. There are keys, in haste movements, hands rushing on its own accords. It was odd, strangely, his actions are peculiar, against at what she was expecting to, but isn’t it a good thing?
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