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  • A warm sensation seeping through is what woke up Eve—no, her name is Rio as her shift ended, although she failed to remember what happened except of the steam shared the night before, Rio couldn’t recall anything. But how could she forget all the feelings he’d made her feel? His, provocative, tempting and wild. It’s overwhelming, anew that Rio isn’t oblivious that it could be the last time she could run into Mr. Del Fierro again. They may have spend things much closer leading intimate scenarios that one could vividly imagine heading unbearably seduction that both parched up with those touches that drove each other madly and insane. Perhaps, she is crazy for giving in so weak at his charms. To get challenge, but seeing through her—Rio haven’t had any lament. To be remorseful over something that she wanted is not her forte.
  • Her eyes fluttered open.
  • It was obvious that she was entirely bare and naked. The cold air sweeping through from somewhere else had not bothered her so forth although wondering where she was or perhaps she is still on that place, where they had taken the leverage to dwelled on each others scent and taste. Her gaze roamed. It was her very first time to stay until the other day in El Casa. The room is beyond what she’s expecting. It’s elegant, poise and expensive that Chicago had really spent a lot of that cost fortune for the place to appeared more like a hotel, but not where flesh are sold.
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