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Chapter 7

  • "Where are you taking me?"
  • Andrius turned to Anya and went back to driving. She was annoyed earlier because he dragged her from the mall. She didn't even know where he would take her. She slapped him on the shoulder, causing him to stop driving. She also glared at him and stared intently.
  • "If it's kidnapping, I'll go down! Pappi has no money for ransom!" Anya was exaggerated.
  • "What?!" Andrius eyebrows furrowed.
  • "You're kidnapping me, aren't you? I've been talking to you! You're making me an idiot!" she said.
  • Andrius seemed off-guard for a while before he processed everything Anya was saying. He smiled and then laughed so hard. "You're crazy, Anya," he said afterward and laughed again. He even touched his stomach as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.
  • Andrius' laugh has a strange effect on Anya. She never thought that Mr. Monterio could laugh like this. Her boss seemed constipated every time they're at work. Seeing him laugh like this was something unexplainable for her.
  • "You're crazy too! I am talking, and you didn't answer. What do you want me to think?" she said.
  • "Well, I want to ask a favor, Anya. I don't know anyone who would fit the job. But, your imagination is just too much." His words were shaken.
  • "What kind of job is that? Double pay should be. I need to have some savings," she answered. Somehow, she's interested in the job Andrius was talking about.
  • "I will tell you later. Please, will you shut up? Your curses are turning me on,"
  • "Pervert!"
  • Andrius leaned closer to her, and before she could utter a word again, he claimed her lips with his. Her eyes widened at what had happened while Andrius quickly released her lips. "One word from you. One kiss from me. And, I mean it, Anya ..." he whispered while staring into her eyes.
  • Anya blushed at the thought but just nodded and agreed to it. While Andrius immediately returned to driving. While on the whole trip, they were both quiet. In a few moments, they reached the house he was referring to. It was not just a house but a mansion. When the car entered its garage, she was amazed at the extent of the space in it. There is also a large fountain and lush garden with a variety of flowers around the area.
  • "It's beautiful," she exclaimed as if hypnotized by the beauty of the place. She also smiles as she watches it. When she turned to Andrius, he just smiled and stared at her.
  • "Good thing you like my house."
  • "House? This is a mansion!" Her eyes widened, stressing her point.
  • Andrius chuckled and stopped the car. The two of them went down and headed for the big house. The mansion was exquisite—modern minimalist style decorated with a golden interior. There was also a large staircase and a gold chandelier at the ceiling.
  • "Suit yourself."
  • Anya looked at Andrius and nodded. Then she wandered inside the living room. He just followed her with a slight grin on his lips. "What am I going to do here?" then she asked.
  • "You're going to cook for me. Feed me, Anya ..."
  • Anya looked at Andrius and raised an eyebrow. "Why me? Don't you have a cook here?"
  • "I'm alone, baby. This house is empty, and I'm starving."
  • She sighed in regret. Her stubbornness towards him was also useless. "I don't know how to cook," she admitted while bowing her head. She blushed at the thought.
  • "What?! So you mean. . ."
  • Anya nodded at him. "I only know how to cook eggs, so just order," she whispered, then released another sigh.
  • Andrius laughed, much to Anya's surprise. She stared at him and raised an eyebrow. She was annoyed again. Does he have to laugh like that? She hurriedly marched away, but Andrius grabbed his arm. He looked formal but prevented himself from grinning.
  • "Hey! I'm sorry," he said. "I'll cook for us. So, don't worry. Though, I like it when you blush like that," he said while winking at her.
  • "Are you flirting with me?"
  • "And so? Is there any problem?" Andrius said.
  • They got closer to each other, and she looked up to stare at him. Andrius was tall, and she was just average height. His blue eyes immediately greeted her. Anya swallowed a few times before speaking.
  • "I-I won't flirt with you!"
  • Even to herself, she did not know. She was not sure because what Andrius was doing to her has something strange in her personality. Something she had to stop because she might get hurt again.
  • "Let's see, baby ..." Andrius said afterward and left her suddenly.