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Chapter 121 EPILOGUE

  • They said nothing lasts forever, but in my case, that phrase might not be entirely true.
  • Yes, I’ve lived a wretched life in the past. I was driven by guilt, anger, and revenge for as long as I could remember. I couldn’t do anything because I thought I was weak. I thought it was how I was going to die. Hopeless and a failure.
  • Until she came into my life and changed everything. Alayna turned my world upside down, showed me a different side of reality I hadn’t yet seen. She made me realize it wasn’t too late to hope or to win—the exact opposite of what I had been living all along.
  • For when I was hopeless, she showed me hope.
  • I felt despair; she granted me peace.
  • I thought I had more guilt than anyone else in the world, but she gave me her love.
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