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Chapter 31 First Penetration Part 3

  • Baby's mind began to travel far. She was thinking about what Diam had said. With everything they had done all through the hot night, she did not believe such would come out from the man's mouth. She tried as much as possible to take in the heat. Diam saw the confused girl and gave her that sexy smile that would drive anyone insane! He touched her soft cheek and then grazed his thumb on her lips that had been devoured by him. And then he said…
  • "Baby?"
  • "Yes..sir Diam?"
  • "You shouldn't be shocked we are going to be staying in this room for long, doing naughty things. You and I know how many years we have missed. We are adults but we are just starting to enjoy things like this. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm certain you did too, even with the pains with your hymen breaking and all.
  • My point is, we shouldn't think too much about distractions and practice more, alright?"
  • Baby did not speak out but just nodded instead. She felt his manh*"d moving again and her eyes opened at once. They had already gone to watch up the first stickiness and the blood stains from their body and also changed the bedsheet before lying back on the bed again for the second round. And this time, they were going for the third round!
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