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Chapter 26 Dark Scene In Diam's 1 Hotel

  • Baby rushed out to get a cab that would take her to Diam's 1 Hotel while Diam left with his chauffeur to Riches restaurant. It was the biggest in the city. That was a restaurant for the top billionaires. Meals there cost a fortune but still, the top billionaires could afford it. Baby was able to grab one in time and was soon at the hotel.
  • A lavish hotel for the top billionaires. There were different branches but that particular one was different from others. That one was just for the top billionaires while others were for the billionaires and the rich. All were rated according to their standard. From top to the very bottom!
  • Immediately Baby entered Diam's suite, something else happened. She wanted to take an important file which was left in the suite the last time they came to work on some files. She had been going with Diam to his company and after seeing how capable she was, Diam decided to entertain her more. They worked together and also returned to smiles when they could. When the work was too much, they stayed in Diam's 1 Hotel.
  • "What are you doing?!
  • You should stop now! You know this is not right!"
  • "I've told you to keep quiet, haven't I?!
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