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Chapter 17 I Will Stay With You

  • Angel's room became quiet. A cute room that was well decorated in a princess style. It was very pretty. Baby froze right there while staring at her daughter with her mouth wide open. The hand dryer was in one hand while Angel's big toothed comb was in the other hand. Her hands were suspended in the air. She did not expect her to say such heavy words. Angel had only asked her such a question once when she was just two years old. That was the second time she was saying that to her.
  • "Mama?
  • Are you alright?"
  • Angel stopped playing with her stethoscope when she noticed that her mother wasn't moving. She loved medical instruments. She tilted her head backwards and saw how shocked her mother was. She had to ask Baby if all was well. Baby woke up immediately after seeing her daughter stare at her. And then she said to her…
  • "Um...Angel?"
  • "Yes mama?"
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