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Chapter 16 Cuteness Overload: Still Dripping Wet

  • Angel came out of her room and walked down to the living room where Baby was with her little feet slapping on the floor as she walked barefooted. She looked too adorable with her hair dripping wet. Baby saw her little girl and did not waste time going to her. She didn't like her doing those things herself. Though she was busy all the time, she still had to create time for her precious one. Angel knew that and felt sorry for her mother each time. A sweet and loving child.
  • "Your hair is dripping, Angel…
  • Did you shower by yourself again?"
  • Angel lowered her head immediately and pouted as she repented. She knew her mother did not like her doing that. She had to accept her faith.
  • "Mama…*sniff*...I'm sorry...Angel waited for mama to come help her...but...but…"
  • She stuttered. Baby felt sorry for her. She did not like seeing her cry for anything at all and that was why she provided everything she needed. She didn't wait for her to ask first. Baby only refused her whenever she knew it was necessary to do so. Angel did not take long before she started crying.
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