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Chapter 8

  • Once he sorted things out in the kitchen, Chris proceeded to the tearoom to talk to his mother. He was not in the mood for it, but she was expecting him and there was no excuse he could think of to get away from it.
  • Patricia was leisurely preparing a backgammon board for them to play together, a habit they acquired during his father’s long trips abroad. It was a fun activity and a great distraction from the impending sense of abandonment that surrounded the house during those periods.
  • That specific board was a gift from Edgar after a particularly long trip to Japan. It was his mother’s favorite, with several emeralds encrusted in the marquetry and pieces hand-carved by some famous dude. For Chris, it was just another reminder of his father’s absence.
  • He sat across his mother and prepared her tea the way he knew she liked it. ‘Two cups of sugar to sweeten this bitter life’, as she liked to put it. She didn’t seem bitter at all, but that was just his opinion.
  • “How are things in the company?” His mother was not usually one for small talk when it came to family, so he knew there was more coming.
  • “Great. The transition is being handled smoothly”
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